Grand Street Recording Studios
A musician oriented recording studio featuring a stellar vintage mic collection, Neve and API pre amps, classic vintage compressors, immaculate Studer 1/2" 2-track machine, state of the art AD/DA converters, an experienced and inspired staff, and more instruments than you can shake a stick at - in the heart of Williamsburg Brooklyn, NYC.

Dangerous Stereo Compressor


Say hello to audio guru Chris Muth’s compressor. For those unaware, Muth spent time designing audio hardware for one of New York’s leading mastering facilities, Sterling Sound, which became the basis for his company Dangerous Music.

This compressor was meant to be able to function transparently, making even heavily compressed  signals sound as though they had been untreated. We’ve had the pleasure of hearing it on everything from kick drums to vocals and it has found it’s place among the Grand Street racks…right at the top…

Vintage Leedy Drum Kit circa 1954 Badge


Here’s a logo we haven’t seen so far at Grand Street – Leedy & Ludwig. Built around 1954, orange sparkle wrap, sizes 13″, 16″ and 24″. we’ve thrown a number of different heads on the drums and settled on a couple that really made us smile. Earthtone skins on the toms and an assortment of Evans/Remo heads for the kick. Dialing in sounds for this kit is gonna be super fun, they already sound huge!

On the Low End

Kick Drums

Rounding out the bottom, we’ve completed cataloging the entirety of our drum collection. Good sounds start at the source, and we’ve sure got a  lot of great sources here. Vintage and modern drums to color the bottom in a variety of ways; mellow to aggressive, shallow to deep. Each drum is carefully tuned and treated to achieve it’s purpose in the music. All told there’s 7 kick drums, 11 toms and 30 snares. There’s a place for each sound somewhere.

New Gear

Rickenbacker 4003
Is there anything better than the feeling of a freshly set up axe? Just got a great 1997 Rickenbacker 4003 set up by the wonderful Flip Scipio, along with a bunch of other new toys. Check out our gear page for all the latest.

Shayna Steele

Shayna Steele Music Video

Shayna Steele‘s new music video, Wear Me Down, shot here at Grand Street, directed by Andy LaViolette. Her song features a stellar backing band including Marcus Miller, Eric Harland, Robin Macantagay, David Cook and Robert Randolph.

Microtech Gefell UM70s

Microtech Gefell UM70s

We’ve added a pair of matched Neumann Gefell UM70s to the Grand Street microphone collection. These two come from the early ’70s and are in the same Neumann family as the fet47 and u87. Equipped with an M7 capsule, this pair is in immaculate condition, we’re ready to try them out on a host of shootouts!

Walk Like An Egyptian

Had an amazing time working on this song with our friend and great producer, Chris Kuffner. Secret Someones and Jukebox the Ghost picked a brilliant cover and brought their own take on it! Here’s a behind the scenes look at what we do at Grand Street, enjoy!

Grand Street Grammy Nomination

Grand Street Recording is proud to announce that this year is starting off great! Ken Rich and Jake Lummus have received Grammy-nominations for their work on Brady Rymer’s kids album, Just Say Hi. As Brady put it, we’re over the moon :)Grammy Nomination

Thompson Family

Thompson - Family

Teddy, Brooke, Rob, James, Linda, Richard, Muna, Jack, Kami, Zak and Paulina made a record. We are really happy to have been a part of it. Engineering by Ken Rich, assisted by Jake Lummus.