A musician oriented recording studio featuring a stellar vintage mic collection, neve and API pre amps, classic vintage compressors, immaculate Studer 1/2" tape machine, state of the art AD/DA converters, an experienced and inspired staff, and more instruments than you can shake a stick at - in the heart of Williamsburg Brooklyn, NYC.

Walk Like An Egyptian

Had an amazing time working on this song with our friend and great producer, Chris Kuffner. Secret Someones and Jukebox the Ghost picked a brilliant cover and brought their own take on it! Here’s a behind the scenes look at what we do at Grand Street, enjoy!

Grand Street Grammy Nomination

Grand Street Recording is proud to announce that this year is starting off great! Ken Rich and Jake Lummus have received Grammy-nominations for their work on Brady Rymer’s kids album, Just Say Hi. As Brady put it, we’re over the moon :)Grammy Nomination

Thompson Family

Thompson - Family

Teddy, Brooke, Rob, James, Linda, Richard, Muna, Jack, Kami, Zak and Paulina made a record. We are really happy to have been a part of it. Engineering by Ken Rich, assisted by Jake Lummus.

Angus & Julia Stone

Angus & Julia Stone 2014 albumWe feel honored to have tracked a number of tunes on Angus & Julia Stone’s latest release, produced by none other than Rick Rubin. Features a phenomenal band with Matt Johnson on drums and percussion, Rob Calder  bass, and Jon Solo on keys.

Ingrid Michaelson – Lights Out

Ingrid MichaelsonIngrid Michaelson just released her latest album, Lights Out, and it’s awesome. Drums with the incredible Elliot Jacobson, vocals with the amazing women Ingrid Michaelson, Bess Rogers, Allie Moss, Wendy Parr, Hannah Winkler and Lelia Broussard. All tracked here in our live room…We’re super happy to have been a part of this project – such great people and talented musicians!

Vulfpeck – Sleepify

These guys have been making waves with their silent album Sleepify, an ingenious way of funding their next tour via Spotify plays with blank tracks you play overnight. Check out this video of the music they’ll be playing for lucky streamers.

Here are some interviews in Rolling Stone and Noisey Vice about the album.

Check out more of Vulpeck here

Diane Birch

Here’s Diane Birch covering a Nine Inch Nails tune at Grand Street, put together with the help of Tomek Miernowski and video director Rudolf Bekker.

Latest additions…

Check out some of the latest additions to our ever-expanding microphone collection;

The Altec 639A Dynamic & Ribbon microphone.

This microphone, originally introduced under the Western Electric badge in the late ’30s, has a clever way of producing multiple pickup patterns – 3 in this case.

1 – Ribbon element (figure 8)
2 – Dynamic element (omnidirectional)
3 – Combine 1 & 2 to get Cardioid

NS-10 Subkick
If you haven’t seen one of these before and are asking, “is that a speaker?” The answer is: yup, sure is. An original Yamaha NS-10 woofer wired to an XLR cable, and suspended in a custom shock mount system. The aptly titled nickname “subkick” comes from what you hear and what it’s used on.

AKG “Echolette” D12
Keeping with the low end vibe, this is a vintage AKG “Echolette” D12. The only difference between this microphone and a regular AKG D12E is that the Echolette line was sold in eastern Europe – that’s it. The same capsule, transformer and dimensions. These microphones are renown for their charismatic low end response on all things bass. Rock!

Outboard Plugins

Vintage microphones
We just recently finished up revamping our ‘Outboard Plugin’ collections. This is our “lo-fi” mic collection. Microphones from Astatic, Turner, Electro-voice, Shure and Western Electric. Plug ‘em into anything and be ready for a good time!

Gutiar pedals
These are our guitar “plug-ins”. Included in this collection is a vintage Thomas Organ Crybaby Wah pedal (original manufacturer of the Wah pedal) as well as a Sola Sound Colorsound Wah a-la Jeff Beck (Truth album) and Eric Clapton (Cream – Wheels of Fire) as well as classic MuTron, Moog and Sovtek effects. Add to the collection a number of vintage delay pedals, fuzz pedals and modulation boxes – it leaves little sonic territory left to be explored.

Print it to tape…

We’re really excited to let everyone know Grand Street has acquired a beautiful Studer A80RC MKII Master 2-Track recorder. Built in the late ’70s – early ’80s, this specific model machine made a name for itself by being one of the best sounding, state-of-the-art analog tape machines ever built.

We’ve been doing extensive testing and it’s sounding fantastic. A big thanks to our friend John Charette for installing and calibrating the machine. The tape deck can do 15 or 30 i/s, and we have either 1/4″ or 1/2″ headstacks for mixdown.

Studer A80 RC MKII Full Shot

Joan Osborne Sings With Bill

Recently we’ve been adding a host of guest artists to the new Bill Sims album of Bob Dylan tunes. Studio owner Ken Rich and drummer Ethan Eubanks are co-producing the project which thus far includes Andy Hess on bass, George Laks, Andrew Sherman & Brian Mitchell on keys, Jim Campilongo, Adam Levy & Andy Stack on guitars, Jon Graboff on pedal steel, Clark Gayton on trombone and Joan Osborne on vocals. More guest artists to come! Photo by Andy Hess

Andy Hess, the photographer

The Light Within

Album cover

We had an amazing time working on Jared Saltiel’s latest album, The Light Within, and now we’re proud to say it’s wrapped up and ready for release. It’s an album of “magical realist” songs weaving layered instrumentals with “elaborate orchstrations and clever, Beatles-esque production” and features musical contributions from a talented lineup of players, including Max Moston, Rob Moose, Olivier Manchon, Clark Gayton and Rich Hinman. The album was engineered by Ken Rich and Tomek Miernowski, mixed by Rich, and mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound.

The release party will be held Tuesday, May 14th at Littlefield in Brooklyn where a 12-piece band and a world-class string quartet will play the album from start to finish.



Allison Miller’s Boom Tic Boom – No Morphine, No Lilies

Allison Miller's Boom Tic BoomAllison Miller’s quartet, Boom Tic Boom, has just released this latest album titled No Morphine, No Lilies. A handful of the drums and other overdubs were recorded at Grand Street by our very own Ken Rich and Tomek Miernowski. We feel really lucky and honored that Allison chose GSR to record, and we’re stoked about how everything turned out. The album features pianist Myra Melford, bassist Todd Sickafoose, violinist Jenny Scheinman and other guests.

You can check out the album on the web for a special presale here. And there’s also this ASCAP preview/interview with Allison Miller, playing some songs off the new album with Allison talking a little bit about the inspiration for the album here.

Amanda Brown’s “Alone” Video

Amanda Brown (The Voice) asked fans what they would like to see her cover, and Heart’s “Alone” won the crowd-source competition. The music was tracked, mixed, and the video was shot at Grand Street all in one day. Below is the final result – and be sure to hit the HD resolution for the full effect!

New Year Beginnings

As everyone eases into the New Year, we’re thankful to say we’ve managed to stay busy at Grand Street Recording – and we’re very excited about some of our most recent projects!

Mike Barnett

Michael Barnett (The Deadly Gentlemen, Tony Trischka, Dave Grisman Quintet)  booked out a couple weeks to record the basics for his upcoming album release. Armed with engineers Dave Sinko (Edgar Meyer, Bela Fleck) & Tomek,, mandolin prodigy Dominick LesliePunch Brothers members Paul Kowert & Chris “Critter” Eldridge, Barnett managed to get nearly all of the tracking done with incredible sonic results. It’s sure to be a great album.

Guitarist and frontman John Andrews (NenaPeter MurphyBotanicaMorley) brought in his rock band, Loudboy for a week to track the basics for their second release with Ken Rich engineering and Jake Lummus assisting.

With an already ambitious schedule, they ended up tracking 13 songs in a blistering day and a half! The band features explosive drums from Brian Viglione (Dresden DollsNine Inch Nails) and rock solid, crunching low end from Jason Binnick (Botanica) and in most instances, we kept the first take. John Andrews, Brian Viglione, Loudboy

By the end of 5 days we had completed basics, all percussion overdubs, lead vocals and most guitars – look out for this one – it’s a beast!

In gear related news, we’ve added a matched pair of Coles 4038 Ribbon Mics, a Placid Audio Copperphone, 1965 Ampeg Reverberocket II, and have an amazing Danelectro Series D amp from the 50’s on loan from our good friend and tech John Charette.We’ve also expanded our studio to include a “B Room” Pro Tools rig that can be used for light tracking/overdubs and editing. We’re running PT 10 with an Apogee Duet 2 and can offer clients last minute time slots at a significantly reduced rate (50% off!) while still offering access to our extensive mic and amp collection.Well, that’s it for now – stay warm!

fall sessions

The fall season is officially here. Check out some of the sessions that have been going on here at Grand Street to ring in the new season…

Charlene Kaye’s video of Animal Love (acoustic style) in GSR’s live room is finished and up on YouTube. Produced and mixed by Tomek Miernowski. Tomek has also been working on Velta’s latest album which features TV On The Radio’s Kyp Malone on backing vocals, as well as recording White Rabbit for their upcoming record and producing an new single with Theo Katzman.

Recording basic tracks at Grand Street Recording in Brooklyn, NY

Todd Carter came in to record songs out of the American songbook and rework them with a modern sound with Ken Rich at the helm. Features a killer rhythm section including Dan Rieser (Norah Jones), Chris Morissey (Ben Kweller), and John Andrews (Loudboy).

Amy Lennard just completed her latest album recorded and mixed by Ken Rich.  It’s being mastered by Sterling Sound legend, Greg Calbi and will be out early next year.  The musicians include…Andy Stack on guitars, Tony Tino (Gavin DeGraw) on Bass, Dan Vonneget on drums, Keith Cotton (Joan Osborne) on keys, Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel) on drums and percussion, and John Graboff (Willie Nelson) on pedal steel.

More to come from Bill Sims upcoming record of Bob Dylan tunes, which features a great lineup of New York players including…Ethan Eubanks (Teddy Thompson) on drums (who is also co-producing the album with Ken), Andy Hess (Gov’t Mule) on bass, and Brian Mitchell (Levon Helm) on keys.

Sonic Scoop Mention

 Check out Sonic Scoop’s monthly session buzz report with the latest of what’s been going on at Grand Street – bands, gear and what to keep an eye out for. This is a shot of the racks inside the control room here at Grand Street. In the center of the photo are the two newly acquired Mohog Audio MoFet76 Compressors, which are faithful reproductions of the classic vintage Urei 1176 compressors used in so many classic recordings.

Summer sessions

Grand Street sessions going nicely, despite the heat. Here’s a few things that have been going on lately around the studio…

Bill Sims, Andy Hess, Ethan EubanksBill Sims Sings Bob Dylan – Produced by Ken Rich & Ethan Eubanks, with Andy Hess on bass. Pictured on the left is Bill and Andy listening back in the control room.


Theo Katzman, Adam Christgau, Adam Levy, Anna Krantz
Tomek Miernowski is producing Theo Katzman’s next EP (which features Dave Scalia on drums and Tomek on bass) along with Anna Krantz’s next EP featuring Adam Levy (guitar), Adam Christgau (drums) and Tomek laying down the bass and more guitars.

Session Buzz


Grand Street’s latest session news posted in NY’s online recording studio blog. Check it out here, or read the blurb below that was posted to Sonic Scoop:

Ingrid Michaelson recorded the next in her “Army of 3” music video series at Grand Street Recording, covering Rhianna’s “We Found Love” with producer Chris Kuffner and Ken Rich engineering.

Also at Grand Street…Christian Gibbs’ (of Lucinda Black Bear) new band Motherwell Johnston recorded basics for their debut album with Ken Rich engineering and Jake Lummus assisting…Trumpet player Shareef Clayton (Stevie Wonder, The Roots, Wynton Marsalis) recorded basics for his upcoming album with Rich engineering and Bobby Mosier assisting…Rich is mixing the full-length debut by Sara Syms, which was recorded at Dreamland and features Andy Stack on electric guitar, Nick Africano on acoustic guitar, Brett Bass on bass, Spencer Cohen on drums, and Misty Boyce on keys…Williamsburg rockers, Velta completed a video for the song “Cheat On Me” which was recorded and mixed by Tomek Miernowski.”



Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY rockers Velta (Emily Long, Zach Jones and Derek Blauser) have been doing a bunch of work at GSR lately and have been creating some amazing videos. Definitely keep an eye on these guys!

NPR Features Morley

Morley on NPR
MorleyMorley, who made her latest record, “Undivided,” at GSR, was featured on NPR this month. Ken Rich engineered and mixed, and Tomek Miernowski co-wrote “Love And Understanding,” the second track on the album.

Check out the feature here, or check out a snippet bel0w:

“I think in our culture [in America], it is not encouraged to stop and start again, and really start from the unknown,” Morley says. “I think we’re encouraged to buy something to feel better, or to fill ourselves with words or food or partnership, you know, that’s not serving us. It’s just — sometimes we just need to stop and actually grow again.”

Inspiring Change, Unity And Hope

“Women of Hope” For TEDwomen

Morley aims to inspire others through her song “Be the One.” The song is directly rooted in her work with teens from international conflict zones, including the Middle East, Northern Ireland and South Africa. The work is done through the program Face to Face/Faith to Faith, which flies participants to New York City for two weeklong workshops.

“We discuss issues of religious conflict, identity and their potential of being future peacemakers and present peacemakers in their community and in their countries,” says Morley. “And a lot of the kids are living in townships or in refugee camps. And then you also have very wealthy kids.”

She says the kids go from sitting in opposite ends of the lunchroom to having conversations and crushes, and then weeping when they must say goodbye.

“I got to really witness real courage, real humility. These kids have a willingness to open doors that have been boarded up long before they were born and look to see what’s possible behind those doors,” Morley says.

Hope is a strong theme in her new album. “The word ‘hope’ for me is always infused with action. My big inspiration for hope is the courage that I read about from people from all over the world, or that I see on a daily basis from the kids I get to work with. Hope is like compassion to me. It’s like possibility and living in possibility,” she says.